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May 23, 2011

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Mary Cowart
(305) 571-2100

(BPRW) Rep. Cynthia Stafford Expresses Disappointment In Gov. Rick Scott for Signing Elections Bill

(BLACK PR WIRE) – MIAMI, Fla. – Representative Cynthia Stafford (D-Miami) expressed disappointment over Governor Rick Scott’s signing into law of House Bill 1355 regarding elections in Florida. Rep. Stafford made the following statement:

“Voting is one of the most precious rights we have as Americans. Too many people have fought and died so we could exercise this right. This new law will disenfranchise tens of thousands of Florida voters.

“This law creates barriers to voting, and anything that makes it harder to vote or makes it harder for a vote to count concerns me and is alarming. Among other things, this new law reduces the number of early voting days to eight days, forces some voters to use provisional ballots like college students away from home, and imposes burdensome and unnecessary restrictions on third-party registration groups. These impediments will disenfranchise and suppress voter participation.

“The gains that have been made regarding our elections processes are being systematically dismantled through this partisan political maneuver. The governor is supposed to have the best interest of all Floridians in mind, not just those in his party or those who share his views.

“Our vote is our voice. To restrict our vote is to restrict our voice, which is undemocratic and un-American. By signing this bill into law, Governor Rick Scott will silence the voices of tens of thousands of Floridians.”

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