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February 06, 2024
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(BPRW) The AFrican-AMerican Medical and Mental Health Practitioner Directory

Where The Preferred Color of Health Care is BLACK

(Black PR Wire) AFAMOASIS.COM is the name of The AFrican-AMerican Oasis Medical and Mental Health Practitioner Directory that is a product of AFAM OASIS LLC created as a search and showcase medium of African-American Health professionals in their diverse fields. It is THE ultimate directory of search directories in one welcoming website for African-American consumers searching to find African-American psychiatrists, physicians, social workers, psychologists, and counselors across the country. No longer will African-Americans have to wander aimlessly through the vast desert of online searches unable to find African-American providers or be misled into care by clinical groups who target our population in marketing only to find that they do not have African-American providers, but “culturally sensitive providers” from the majority group who have been trained to work with our people. AFAMOASIS.COM and its rich compendium of search directories exclusively for us and by us have been combined in one website for ease of access in the OASIS page. Not only this, AFAMOASIS.COM is replete with pertinent information such as health management guidance in the DIRECTIONS page as well as several sources on a BLACK NEWS page for customers to indulge in to learn what is newsworthy in the area of health and culture for African-Americans.  A special HOMELAND page nod has been given to the national organizations of psychologists, physicians, counselors, psychiatrists, and social workers as the leaders across the country in representing, developing, and supporting their African-American practitioners and were in many cases the first to offer a directory from within their vast network of members. In so doing, AFAMOASIS.COM sought to promote them rather than see them as a competitor as we have a common goal to reach and assist the African-American community seeking health providers. AFAMOASIS.COM would love to have the problem of there being too many search websites for this. However, the African-American practitioner search history is far from being in that scenario and each search website can continue in its unique way to let the African-American people know how to access the African-American practitioners who are out there ready to serve them.

For the African-American practitioner, AFAMOASIS.COM promotes access for potential patients being able to find them through one of its numerous search directories identified. It also provides a vast display of African-American professional organizations available for them to join on the BLACK BOARD page. And, it has a BLACK HAIL sponsor page for African-American practitioners who would like to have their name and/or business showcased on a page of honor for a nominal fee.

For those who possess a distant African ancestry that is royal, rich, spiritual, intelligent and honored . . .

For those who possess an American adoption and have been oppressed and called all things but a child of GOD . . .

For those who possess those 2 identities intermixed with unresolved real life medical and mental health challenges that require you to say “Yes” to seeking health care with a preference not to be treated by a "privileged" health practitioner, AFAMOASIS.COM is here.