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The Largest Black Newswire Service in the U.S.!
"We distribute news and press releases to African-American and Caribbean newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, websites, mobile devices, organizations and opinion leaders across the state, region and nation around the clock!"
BPRW Benefits

Black PR Wire offers many advantages to satisfy your publicity and news distribution needs. Take a look at just some of our awesome advantages!

  • Black PR Wire provides you with direct, timely and comprehensive distribution.
  • We guarantee you visibility through our automatic placement on our popular website.
  • We can translate your press release or newsletter product into Creole for added value.
  • We provide you with a broad range of services beyond blast fax and e-mail distribution including electronic newsletters and video messages, and video/audio releases.
  • All clients receive free placement of their calendar of events at the time of distribution.
  • The Black PR Wire website has been designed for ease of use and navigation and provides a comprehensive listing of the latest in news and information for the Black community.

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