Products & Services

Black PR Wire offers many services designed specifically for you. Our services include the following:

Electronic Distribution of Press Releases – We distribute your news for the media to use. We will send your press release, via e-mail, to our national Black media, organizations and individual subscribers.
Clipping Service – We clip the news you can use. We subscribe to the leading African American newspapers to off you hard clips that prove our capabilities in news distribution and placement.
Video/Audio News Releases – We need to the call. We will feed your electronic message in audio and/or video format to Black television and radio stations.
Electronic Video Messages – We capture reel images. We will send your electronic video message to Black media and organizations.
Electronic Newsletters – We encourage people to real all about it. We will transmit your electronic newsletter to Black media and organizations.
Website Posting – We post your release in a great place. We will post your release on our dynamic website for added coverage and visibility.
Calendar of Events – We keep you in the know. Our calendar of events caters to the broad interests of the Black (African-American, Caribbean and Haitian) communities in the USA and the Caribbean. The calendar listing is available free of charge to all Black PR Wire service subscribers and clients.
Thrivin’ – We share the latest news about Black PR Wire and our clients. Thrivin’ is our monthly newsletter that seeks to inform, educate and entertain.
Power Profilers – We highlight community leaders who are simply thrivin’. Power Profilers are prolific leaders of our time who are making a remarkable difference in the community. They are highlighted each month in our newsletter, Thrivin’.