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The Largest Black Newswire Service in the U.S.!
"We distribute news and press releases to African-American and Caribbean newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, websites, mobile devices, organizations and opinion leaders across the state, region and nation around the clock!"

Black PR Wire Clipping Services

Click in one of the Statesi n red to view the newspapers that we are subscribe too Michigan Washington D.C. , Maryland, Delaware New Jersey Connecticut Pensylvania Tenessee Kentucky Indiana Illinois Wisconsin Virginia Ohio New York North Carolina South Carolina Florida Georgia Alabama Louisiana Missouri Texas Minnesota Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska Washington Oregon Colorado Nevada California Arizona Mississippi Black PR Wire, Inc. has added an amazing new feature designed to provide clippings on a statewide, regional, and national basis to its tenure of comprehensive services. Black PR Wire offers press clippings from the top 60 African American papers across the nation at your fingertips. Acting as our client's eyes in the press, Black PR Wire's clipping service will supply copies of your articles for safekeeping and media archives either via electronically or hard copy. Specialized staff members are waiting to clip the news that our clients can use. 
Click in one of the States in red to view the newspapers that we are subscribe too. We are currently subscribe to 234 newspapers.
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