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February 14, 2013

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Wayne Martin II
(516) 855-7543

(BPRW) Targeted Partners Brings 2 Billion Scholarship Dollars to Historically Black Colleges and Universities plus recruiting support

- HBCU LINKUP and Zinch connect to offer more resources to students -

(BLACK PR WIRE) — February 14, 2013 (NEW YORK) — There has been a radical shift in the college search and admissions process thanks to the omnipresence of the internet and social media. Students today are organically embracing their social networks to research, discuss and even apply to their colleges. The African-American community has lagged behind due to the digital divide, which means that many students are unaware of the opportunities for them within Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Not knowing which college to apply to can also shortchange the scholarship application process. 

In an effort to connect social media with scholarship access and information, two established brands in the social college search and admissions space have partnered to combine resources. HBCU LINKUP, an educational and informational social networking website which features a network of HBCUs in addition to other colleges is connecting with Zinch, a networking site owned by Chegg which allows students to research and begin the recruitment process as well as search and secure scholarships from colleges and universities around the world.

“This partnership allows us to not only expand our reach into a broader audience to let more students know about our Member Colleges,” says Alvin Hartley, president of HBCU LINKUP parent company TMI & Partners, LTD. “We will also be able to provide more resources to help our current members pay for college. This is a win across the board.” Current members of HBCU LINKUP will be able to access their new Zinch resources via a badge on the homepage of HBCU Both HBCU LINKUP members and current Zinch members will receive ongoing information and promotions relative to the partnership.


HBCU is the online social networking and information site providing prospective college students with information and interaction focused on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). HBCU LINKUP delivers offline and online services, such as bridge building between colleges and junior high and high schools students, parents and community organizations. They are the missing link for research on scholarships, degree programs and the college application and admission process for multicultural students. Visit the company at  

About Zinch

At Zinch, 3.5 million students worldwide have created professional' profiles to showcase themselves as more than test scores. Zinch profiles 5,000 undergraduate and graduate programs, and lists almost $2 billion in scholarships. Admissions Officers trust Zinch to help them engage and recruit students. Zinch is owned by Chegg, the student hub that connects students to peers, educators, content and services to help them save time, save money and get smarter. Since its founding in 2007, Chegg's growth has made it one of Silicon Valley's most successful start-ups. Visit the company at  

For more information on the HBCU LINKUP and Zinch partnership:

Contact: Wayne Martin II (516) 855-7543

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