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For Immediate Release

February 20, 2013

Contact Information

For Century Gaming Management
Sean Rossall
(310) 210-7586

(BPRW) Statement from Leo Chu, President of Century Gaming Management, Doing Business as Hollywood Park Casino, Regarding Commitment to Ensuring Employee Retention

(BLACK PR WIRE) - INGLEWOOD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Interests representing Hollywood Park Casino employees held a press conference Monday supporting efforts to protect their jobs as current Hollywood Park Casino President Leo Chu and his team, who have consistently backed full employee retention, prepare to hand over operations to a new operator upon termination of its lease.

The following is a statement from Mr. Chu regarding these retention efforts:

“Our employees are the heart and soul of Hollywood Park Casino, and we are continuing to do everything in our power to ensure that they keep their jobs once we are gone and the new management is in place.

“We have been consistent advocates for these hard-working employees, and as we prepare to say goodbye to Hollywood Park, our strongest commitment is to protecting each and every one of their jobs.”

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