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August 16, 2009
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Beatrice Dubois
Florida A&M University

(BPRW) College Students Launch Green Campaign

(BLACK PR WIRE) (August 17, 2009) Florida A&M University public relations students and the FAMU Green Coalition continue to promote going green as they take part in election season with the “Power Vote” initiative. According to powervote.org, there are over 200,000 pledges of youth voting for clean energy. The non-partisan campaign was a result of the Energy Action Coalition, which was established to show the youth’s voice on political issues.

“FAMU’s goal is 2,500 pledges,” according Lawrence Williams, 26, a senior public relations student from Bradenton, FL. With universities and colleges nationwide taking the initiative to bring awareness of green issues on campus, the top ten schools are recognized on the website daily with the University of New Hampshire leading with over 2,200 “Power Vote” pledges at their university so far.
Being the parliamentarian for the Green Coalition, Williams contributes to educating the campus and helping with getting students signed up with the pledge as they are trying to compete and be recognized in the top ten schools making a difference.

The “Power Vote” initiative was taken by Dr. LaRae Donnellan and the Green Coalition to raise awareness on green issues with the 2008 presidential elections through the power pledge. “For two weeks, the Green Coalition has been going up to students, targeting classrooms, professors, passing out pledge sheets and making Facebook groups,” Williams said.

The month-long campaign for FAMU is making efforts to reach its goal as October 6-13 is officially “Power Vote Challenge Week.” Nationwide, young people are reaching out to their peers and emphasizing the importance of climate energy and solutions through dorm storming, pledging around campus, increasing visibility and having their voice heard.

The National Wildlife Federation “Power Vote” Florida Organizer Bessie Schwarz expressed how impressed she was at FAMU’s actions. “FAMU has one of the most sophisticated campaigns in the state of Florida,” Schwarz said. “The goal overall is to make a youth block of 1 million with the start of the student-run campaign.”

The 22-year-old philosophy graduate takes pride in the campaign in Florida as she oversees institutes like the University of Florida or FAMU to help with creating strategies and promotions of the “Power Vote.” “Our generation has political power,” Schwarz said. “We need to be organized and get a message to convey for young people by young people.”

Chelsie Gordon, 21, an Elementary Education student from Plant City, Florida, is an advocate for going green and plans to volunteer for the Green Coalition. “I believe that trying to produce an eco-friendly environment is a good thing to invest in, because pollution is bringing the earth down,” Gordon said. “The pledge, I think, is a good way to get FAMU students involved in these issues.”