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November 06, 2009
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(BPRW) Thanksgiving "" Now is the Time to Start Planning

(BLACK PR WIRE) – In less than three weeks we will celebrate one of our most uniquely “American” holidays – that of Thanksgiving.

It is a wonderful occasion in which we are thankful for the blessings of the past year, often gather with friends and/or family, sometimes travel, and sometimes enjoy a well-deserved day or weekend off from school or work.

While its origins are humble, Thanksgiving today has grown to include an elaborate feast, decorations, parades and football, and for many, the start of the busy holiday shopping season.

This article is a reminder to all interested readers that you only have 15 PLANNING DAYS left for the momentous occasion!

Let’s go through the list: Are you planning on having a sumptuous feast of turkey or other wild game, only to expect to buy it the weekend before Thanksgiving? (You will regret your last-minute shopping decision as you elbow your way through the grocery isles with hundreds of other procrastinators and park your car a mile from the grocery store.) Okay, you think you will, instead, visit a relative or a friend – who you assume will do all the work and you will just enjoy the day. Did you plan to take to the roads on Wednesday, perhaps, the busiest travel day of the year? Have you purchased your plane or train your ticket yet? (I know… all things in time.)

Lastly, your home: what decorations are you planning? The cornucopia, red and green apples, perhaps some harvest leaves? Proper assembly of these items does take time to get the full “Thanksgiving” effect.

I think I have made my point.

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday – with a much more serious meaning – and those who do want to plan a special event or activity may want to start their preparation now.

The day, which has its origins to 1621, began when the Pilgrims celebrated the survival of their first harsh winter and, then, the fall harvest, with native Indians. (The Indians, reportedly, contributed tremendously to the survival of the Mayflower travelers the first difficult year in the New Country.) Thanksgiving since has been celebrated with some regularity for nearly the 300 years.

African Americans can trace their roots in United States’ history nearly as long as the original Plymouth settlers. The message of Thanksgiving, similarly, is of inclusion. Today, this can apply to the people of all backgrounds living in the United States and enjoying the many blessings our country has to offer – ensured by the courage of our forefathers.

For those who do plan to observe this traditional American holiday, it is a reminder to start arrangements now, if this has not already begun, to enjoy a day of thanks, food, and family and friends.