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February 11, 2014
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Nichole Taylor


- African Ancestry Visits Leading Corporations, Professional Associations and Educational Institutions Promoting Identity-fueled Success -

(BLACK PR WIRE) – WASHINGTON, DC (February 2014) – African Ancestry, Inc. (, the Black-owned company that pioneered genetics ancestry tracing for people of African descent, has helped more than 150,000 people across the world discover their true African roots. During Black History Month, African Ancestry is turning its focus to major corporations, Black professional associations and universities to enhance their diversity programming by helping participants better understand who they are.

Partnering with African-American employee networks with blue chip corporations such as Booz Allen Hamilton, the Black Public Relations Society of Atlanta and University of Maryland/Baltimore, Co-founder Gina Paige is adding a unique, transformative dynamic to planned celebrations with enlightening presentations that educate on genetics ancestry tracing, demystify ancestral roots for participants and deliver practical advice on propelling excellence in the workplace, families and communities. African Ancestry’s past roster of participants include Time Inc.’s Black Employee Network, Stanford University, McDonald’s, American Airlines, United Healthcare, Wells Fargo and Howard University among others.

“Recognizing differences and valuing inclusion has long been part of Booz Allen’s culture and firm DNA,” said Dina Abercrombie, senior associate and African American Forum Chair at Booz Allen Hamilton. “As we celebrate our 100 years in delivering outstanding consulting services to our clients, diversity remains one of our Core Values which governs everything we do. We are pleased to partner with African Ancestry as part of our firm-wide celebration of Black History Month.”

Also during Black History Month, African Ancestry’s MatriClan® and PatriClan® test kits are available for a special rate at African Ancestry’s do-it-yourself DNA test kits are perfect gifts. A single test reveals the lineage of an entire family so it’s one powerful gift that can be given to and shared by many family members. The MatriClan Test traces maternal ancestry by analyzing mitochondrial DNA. The PatriClan Test, which can only be taken by a male, analyzes the Y chromosome inherited by all males on a paternal lineage and determines paternal ancestry. MyDNAMix, African Ancestry’s admixture test that determines all the ancestries in a family tree is also available for special pricing during Black History Month.

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Founded in 2003, African Ancestry Inc. ( pioneered African lineage matching in the United States utilizing its proprietary DNA-database to more accurately assess present-day countries of origin for people of African descent. African Ancestry’s products include the MatriClan™ and PatriClan™ ancestry tests, myDNAmix Admixture tests; and customized memorabilia and informative resources. African Ancestry is African-American-owned and headquartered in Washington, DC. For general press inquiries, contact