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June 15, 2014
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- South Florida-Based Espionage Agents Seeks to Expand to National Level -

(BLACK PR WIRE) – MIAMI, FL – Now more than ever, people are concerned with the security of their homes, property and businesses. Espionage Agents is a security agency licensed in the State of Florida, and leads the industry in providing security monitoring and protection for gated communities, apartment complexes, commercial properties, and construction sites throughout the tri-county south Florida area. At the helm of Espionage Agents is the partnership of Eunice Currithers, the company director, and her son Oliver Currithers, the company president.

“I’ve been overseeing the operations of Espionage Agents since its inception in 2009. Seeing that the fundamental goal of the company is to be an outstanding security organization dedicated to serving our clients, my duty is very important,” says Oliver Currithers. “Previously, I was the operations manager and partner in another security company for over ten years. My desire to serve and protect led me to being a part of the security field.”

Eunice Currithers agrees with her son’s assessment of his protective nature. “I always knew he would do something in law enforcement. He was always interested in that, so it wasn't a surprise when he decided to start his own security company.” Describing her role at the company, Eunice states, “I have been a part of Espionage Agents when it was just a thought, but I became active in the last two years or so. My role has a great deal of variety, however, since we are a small company. I do everything from sorting mail to onsite visits.”

The clientele for Espionage Agents includes property managers for apartment, condominium, and office buildings. Oliver Currithers believes that there is an essential need for good security, and that Espionage Agents is well-equipped to fulfill those needs. “I would not say that we offer anything different from the many security companies, but like the good companies, we take pride in our protection services. Our services are tailored to our clients’ needs,” he says.

“Often the mere presence of a uniformed Espionage Agents security officer will deter those persons who might be a disturbance. However, when presence alone and the possibility of physical force may not be enough, a well-trained Espionage Agents armed guard will be assigned to your location. You can be assured that your needs will be met with the most qualified and experienced armed guards available.”

While Espionage Agents has at present only served local businesses, the Currithers have a long-term vision for national recognition. “Our dream is to see Espionage Agents become one of the top security companies in the State of Florida, and someday expand and offer services throughout the United States,” says Eunice Currithers.

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