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June 21, 2021
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(BPRW) Black Girl PR’s DIY Guide Makes PR More Accessible To Black Businesses

DIY PR Action Guide offers solution to small businesses that are tired of waiting to get noticed

(Black PR Wire) PHOENIX, AZ – Black Girl PR recently launched a digital guide that shows entrepreneurs how to get press for their brands. The DIY PR Action Guide is designed for small businesses that want to expose their brands to larger audiences and are looking for a cost-efficient way to do so. 

“Black-owned businesses shouldn’t have to choose between advertising, marketing and PR because of lack of capital, but they do,” says Nantale Muwonge, founder of Black GIRL PR. Disparities that Black businesses face accessing credit and loans, and the fact that almost half are financed with cash (43% according to Guidant Financial), can leave little room for public relations even though it’s a beneficial practice. 

“Digital PR increases your reach, it helps you build brand credibility while delivering targeted referral traffic, and the high-quality links you earn from media outlets back to your website are great for SEO. The DIY PR Action Guide allows Black businesses to benefit from these outcomes without breaking their budget,” explains Muwonge. 

The DIY PR Action Guide explains exactly how to:

  • Craft a media kit that expresses the essence of your brand
  • Build and maintain a list of media contacts
  • Pitch your brand to journalists
  • Amplify your media coverage
  • And leverage your media coverage to get more opportunities  

The strategy can be used by legacy-builders throughout their career as entrepreneurs, or until they scale and are ready to outsource their PR.  

The DIY PR Action Guide is an instant download now available at It includes templates, checklists and other time-saving tools to make the process as seamless as possible. 

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Black Girl PR is a Black-owned consulting firm for ambitious Black womxn in business who want to boost their digital presence. The firm helps businesses adopt targeted public relations and digital marketing strategies that build brand awareness, trust and loyalty.

Founded in August 2020 to support Black businesses in ecommerce, the firm provides content and consultations to help empower businesses that want to optimize their online presence. For more information on this company, visit