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September 24, 2021
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Ziscuit, Inc.
Mark Peterson


The world’s first grocery search engine will launch in the Atlanta metro this Fall.

(Black PR Wire) ATLANTA, GEORGIA - Ziscuit, the world’s first grocery search engine, today announced it will launch its revolutionary platform at the 2021 Techstars Farm To Fork Accelerator Demo Day on October 14, 2021. The all-new grocery search engine will initially launch in two zip codes in the Atlanta metro area where it will help budget-sensitive customers save $5-to- $10 per shopping trip by instantly showing them where the cheapest groceries are in their neighborhood.

Founder & CEO Mark Anthony Peterson shared that he started Ziscuit because according to, 35M people are struggling to put food on the table. This problem is exacerbated by inflation-driven food prices and the elimination of food supplemental programs. Budget-sensitive customers are feeling the most pain, and African-Americans are hit especially hard. reported that in 2020, one in five African-Americans were food insecure, three times the rate of their white counterparts.

“The only way for these shoppers to fight back is to clip coupons and make multiple stops during a shopping trip to save money,” said Peterson. “Unfortunately, despite the hours they invest preparing to shop, they are only saving pennies''. Ziscuit’s algorithm instantly shops grocery lists with neighborhood stores and suggests combinations of store options that save consumers time and money.

“Ziscuit aims to empower underserved shoppers with information that will put more food on their tables,” Peterson said. As an African-American founder, raised in Selma, Alabama, he is well aware of the hardship associated with food insecurity and food deserts. And for Peterson, this is also personal. “My late mother spent countless hours combing through store flyers, clipping coupons, and making multiple stops to stretch our grocery budget. Ziscuit would have made her life a lot easier by saving her more money and more time,” he remembers.

Ziscuit is one of the 11 companies chosen to participate in the exclusive Techstars Farm to Fork accelerator. The Techstars programs support many fast-growing and innovative startups to rapidly increase their awareness and accelerate growth, like ClassPass to SendGrid to name a few. Peterson continues, “Techstars Farm to Fork marks the next stage in our development as we move closer to our Minimum Viable Product launch in the state of Georgia.”

Brett Brohl, Managing Director of Techstars Farm to Fork, said, “Mark embodies key qualities I look for in phenomenal entrepreneurs - he can imagine the future but also understands the problem he’s solving. Ziscuit is a platform that can have a tremendous social impact while also returning tremendous value to its stakeholders. I’m delighted that we’re able to connect it to our network and support it as they grow and scale in the US and around the world over the coming months and years.”

In October 2021, Ziscuit will launch its search engine platform in Atlanta, Georgia initially in two zip codes (30058 and 30082) and will quickly roll out to the Atlanta metro area. After Ziscuit’s Atlanta launch, the company will target 25 additional cities. “My parents lived paycheck to paycheck for many years. Putting $5 to $10 per week back into their budget would have made a real difference. That would have paid a bill or put more food on our plates,” says Peterson.

Interested in learning more about Ziscuit or joining the initial launch in Atlanta, Georgia this Fall? Go to to sign up now and support Ziscuit in building a product that will help stretch the food budgets of our neighbors and families.

About Ziscuit, Inc.
Founded in 2020, Ziscuit’s ( mission is to ensure that good food is available to everyone everywhere. The Atlanta-based startup has built a grocery search engine that delivers INSTANT savings to shoppers and high-value traffic to retailers, i.e., the Kayak of groceries. 49M Americans struggle to put food on the table because of high grocery prices. Ziscuit’s algorithm instantly shops consumer grocery lists with neighborhood stores and suggests combinations of store options that save consumers time and money. Ziscuit Beta testers save $10-$15 per shopping trip (1,000%+ more than using coupons). Sign-up for Ziscuit’s product launch at 

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