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October 26, 2022
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(BPRW) Affricana Art Gallery Embraces Hollywood’s Interest In Authentic African Culture and Stories

African artifacts and art are on the rise due to movies such as Black Panther & The Women King spreading awareness about the rich culture African cultures have.

(Black PR Wire) Kansas City, Missouri - Statues, tribal masks, and textiles seem to be the calling card for African Art. However, where do you find authentic collections that are not made of cheap material or reproduced fabrications? Byron Harper of Affricana Art Gallery wants people of the diaspora to have their own authentic pieces of the culture. In an interview, Harper sets the record straight on the value behind African Art, as well as the best artwork to keep in a personal collection. Harper is the art expert you need to know if you want certified collections.

When selecting art and its authenticity, regional awareness is important. Harper reveals in a 2020 interview with the Kansas City Business Association (KCBA)  that each region in Africa is known for its own types of art and materials, "Most of your wood carvings come from West Africa," Specialty art such as the Dogon Leaner Figure of West Africa are unique due to their characteristics. Carved from rigid vertical forms their sculptures follow the natural curve of the tree they derive. The artifacts made with materials and textiles are only known to specific regions where the art is curated The expert elaborates on a specific region, "South Africa is normally not as much wood carvings, but more stone carvings."

Harper is the owner of Affricana Art Gallery and holds a strong interest in contemporary art. Though the owner has been collecting for over a decade, however, the business has been open for four years. His journey of being fascinated by African art while studying in Houston, Texas. While exploring the art world Harper earned hands-on experience while working for a Gambian native and business owner. 

Collections or art pieces that are acquired by Affricana Art are solely sourced from the gallery's relationships with Collectors, Curators, Galleries, Museums, and Traders. This allows for one-of-a-kind sculptures, paintings, beadwork, textiles, and more to become part of an individual's collection.

Over the past two years, the gallery has expanded online. Collection curators can experience the rich culture or make a purchase by visiting or contacting Byron Harper directly.


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