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November 11, 2023
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(Black PR Wire) NASSAU, The Bahamas – As the holiday season approaches, the night sky over Nassau is poised to sparkle with “Spilligate ’23,” headlined by Afro-Fusion sensation Burna Boy. This premier event, slated for December 16th, will showcase the dynamic beats of Burna Boy’s international hits such as “Last Last,” “Ye,” and “It’s Plenty.” This eagerly anticipated event is expected to weave together the infectious charm of Bahamian hospitality with the thrilling energy of global music, positioning Nassau as a focal point for world-class entertainment and cultural exchange. The festivities will take place at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, Carnival Grounds, a venue celebrated for hosting a wide array of sporting, cultural, and entertainment events and contributing to The Bahamas’ sports tourism and economic vibrancy.

Mr. Foreign Currency, the event organizer, stated, “We are excited to host music fans from across the world as we present the incomparable Burna Boy. His performance is set to illuminate Nassau, highlighting our beautiful island as a hub of international entertainment. This will be the best party of the season!”

Burna Boy expressed his anticipation for the performance, stating, “The Bahamas resonates with me as a symbol of stunning beauty and rich culture. Performing here allows me to honor the rich tapestry of my musical journey, influenced by Afrobeat pioneers like Kuti and the vibrant beats of ragga, dub, and grime I experienced in the UK. This festival transcends a mere performance; it represents a cultural collage that brings together the rich musical heritage of Africa and the Caribbean.”

As evening descends upon Nassau, the atmosphere will be charged by the island’s top DJs setting the stage for a night accentuated by Burna Boy’s outstanding performance. The event promises not only to blend The Bahamas’ captivating allure with the universal appeal of music but also to boost Nassau’s economy just before Christmas significantly. It highlights the vitality of the Orange Economy and the island nation’s commitment to innovation and entertainment excellence. Moreover, the festival’s innovative integration of music with technology marks a significant advancement in entertainment, offering both local and international guests a cutting-edge experience for one of the biggest holiday events in the country.

Special accommodations and considerations for international travelers will soon be announced, ensuring guests can purchase tickets and hotel packages.

Experience the magic of the holiday season in The Bahamas with a festival poised to become a historic event in the Caribbean’s vibrant tapestry of live performances.

For ticket details, visit or buy in person at the Kendal G. L. Isaacs National Gymnasium Box Office (Nassau). For inquiries or more information, contact us via WhatsApp at (242) 805-0390, (242) 809-1242, or email

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At the nexus of music, fashion, and entertainment, Foreign Currency emerges as more than a brand—it’s a lifestyle revolution. With the debut of “Spilligate” headlined by Burna Boy, Foreign Currency introduces a line of stylish apparel and home essentials that encapsulate luxury and comfort. Its Promotions Department is the creative force behind an array of events from electrifying concerts to spirited boat races and comedy nights, all designed to foster connections and celebrate the vibrancy of life. Foreign Currency is poised to redefine the cultural landscape, offering immersive experiences that blend the allure of exclusivity with the rhythm of the global beat.

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