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July 01, 2023
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(BPRW) It’s National Black Family Month

(Black PR Wire) Did you know that July is National Black Family Month? This holiday is all about celebrating families and important family members. We all know that family is extremely important within the black community. So, this Black Family Month, celebrate the family you've got by planning reunions and getting together with them as much as you can. Need some ideas on fun things to do with your family?  Here goes:

  • Host a family game night;
  • Volunteer in the community to shine your light.
  • Have a fun movie watch weekend;
  • Read a book together from beginning to end.
  • Have a garage sale to clear out clutter;
  • Attend church together to uplift one another.
  • Bake various types of sweet treats;
  • Play video games to see who wins/beats.
  • Go on a family picnic to enjoy being care-free;
  • Create that all important family tree.
  • Go to a museum to let your imagination ignite;
  • Have a fun and challenging karaoke night.

Doing things together with your family is a great way to create opportunities to bond and share deeper thoughts about life. Happy National Black Family Month!