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November 02, 2022
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Byron Harper, Founder

(BPRW) Owner of Affricana Art Gallery Starts TikTok To Expose African Artwork

Black Art TikTok has a newcomer introducing African Americans to exclusive African art collections

(Black PR Wire) Kansas City, Missouri -- African art expert and Founder of Affricana Art Gallery, Byron Harper is allowing social media to learn about exclusive art from regions of Africa. The gallery owner is seen highlighting statue collections, textiles, and beadwork owned by the art house. TikTok users can explore this topic by searching #Affricanart or by following @Affricanaart on the platform.

The subtopics of the TikTok platform are vast. Byron Harper and the Affricana Art Gallery located in Kansas City, Missouri are entering the space to connect African-Americans with fine African art. Affricana Art pieces start at $500 and can range to $5,000. The owner's initiative behind the channel is to expose platform users to the rich culture behind the art.

Followers will be able to follow the gallery's journey around the United States attending expos and tradeshows. The artwork remains valuable due to the materials and culture behind each figure. In an interview with Kansas City Business Association (KCBA), the owner shares interesting facts about high-valued collections. Elaborating that wood sculptures are native to West Africa as stone sculptures are to South Africa. The website notes the uniqueness of each piece sold. Some materials are even chosen by spiritual leaders before being carved.

Harper is the owner of Affricana Art Gallery and holds a strong interest in contemporary art. Though the owner has been collecting for over a decade, however, the business has been open for four years. His own journey of being fascinated by African art while studying in Houston, Texas. While exploring the art world Harper earned hands-on experience while working for a Gambian native and business owner.

Harper is developing a virtual space via TikTok for African Americans to learn about each art piece. Those interested in authentic African artwork and the stories behind them can follow Byron Harper's gallery on TikTok.


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Byron Harper founder of Affricana Art now an online African art gallery. Spreading the greatness of African art to help it become popular in the United States and abroad.