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August 06, 2023
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(BPRW) StarNews Mobile Partners With The Global Black Economic Forum (GBEF) To Empower Black Entrepreneurs!

(Black PR Wire) We are thrilled to announce that StarNews Mobile has partnered with the Global Black Economic Forum (GBEF) to empower Black entrepreneurs and foster collaboration among Black businesses on a global scale. This strategic alliance aims to leverage StarNews Mobile’s prominent presence in Africa as a leading media platform, amplifying the Global Black Economic Forum’s efforts to expand its footprint on the continent and make a lasting impact on the African business landscape. We firmly believe that by joining forces, we can create transformative opportunities for the Black business community in Africa.

As part of our partnership, the Global Black Economic Forum Expo is set to launch on the African continent later this year. This prestigious event will showcase the immense talent and potential of Black entrepreneurs in Africa. A highlight of the Expo will be a business competition hosted through the StarNews Mobile platform, designed to recognize and honor the most promising local businesses from select countries across the continent. Additionally, the GBEF Expo will serve as a platform for GBEF to provide mentorship, foster connections between local businesses and US partners, and explore funding opportunities. Recognizing the lack of resources available to many African entrepreneurs, this Expo aims to bridge that gap by providing guidance, facilitating networking, and opening doors to funding sources. 

Alphonso David, President & CEO of the Global Black Economic Forum, expressed his excitement about the partnership stating that “This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to driving positive change and economic empowerment for Black entrepreneurs globally. We are acutely aware and excited about the tremendous growth of entrepreneurship on the continent, and we must be an active part of this conversation. With this partnership, we will make a significant impact on the African business landscape, and with our network, we are uniquely positioned to create opportunities and drive sustainable economic growth that will have a global impact.”

At StarNews Mobile, we firmly believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship for individuals and communities. In Africa, creators effectively function as small businesses, and by helping them earn a sustainable income, we create opportunities that positively impact numerous people. In 2022, StarNews Mobile surpassed the $1 million mark in payouts to African creators, and that is just the beginning. Through this partnership with GBEF, we aim to facilitate connections between African creators and Black businesses in the United States, fostering a global dialogue that drives innovation, growth, and economic empowerment.

The Global Black Economic Forum has gained widespread recognition for its exceptional work promoting economic empowerment for Black communities globally. By joining forces with StarNews Mobile, GBEF aims to solidify its presence in Africa, harnessing the continent’s immense potential and creating transformative opportunities for its Black business community. Together, we can leverage the size and impact of African and Black American markets, fostering connections that strengthen global culture and open doors for mutual growth.

With a shared vision of supporting and empowering Black entrepreneurs across Africa, this partnership aims to drive genuine, impactful, and concrete economic empowerment. Together, we can make a significant and lasting impact on the African business landscape while promoting the growth of Black entrepreneurs. Stay connected for more news about how StarNews Mobile is empowering African creators!

Source: StarNews Mobile