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August 19, 2022
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(BPRW) Hip Hop's Rainforest

Reign Forest

(Black PR Wire) Nationwide — Black music has always been diverse throughout the years from soulful singing and culturally expressive rhyming to creative instrumental sounds. For years, artists such as Paul Hardcastle scored hits like “Rainforest”, Kool and the Gang with “Summer Madness” and the Art of Noise with “Moments in Love”.  Now hip hop has created its own instrumental lane with “Reign Forest”, a newly released album by the legend Sean XLG.    

“Reign Forest” is a 14-song album loaded with classic jams and new styles of flavor of swinging dance tracks, cruising sounds and raw street beats that’ll have you doing “the wop” and the “running man” all over again.  In addition to the hardcore dance tracks and boom-bap sounds, the music offers a perfect blend of rhythms that will attract both old school and young audiences alike. Considered as adult contemporary hip-hip, this new and innovative composition reflects the growth and evolution of an art form that was born over 40 years ago.

Track list:

  1. All the Funk in the World
  2. We Don’t Need No Water
  3. The Algo-rhythm
  4. Pump Up to Jump Up
  5. It Feels Good
  6. Shell Toes and Fat Laces

 B side

   7.  A Trunk full of Funk
   8.  Breathe
   9.  The Hands of Time
  10. Reign Forest
  11. Three Parties in One Night
  12. All Rise for the Honorable DJ Smooth

Bonus cuts 

13. Blow Ya Speakers

14. Dance Off (AKAs vs. Deltas)

“Dance Off (AKAs vs. Deltas)” is one of the lead singles and highlights of the album and it’s guaranteed to spark a little fun competition between members of the two sororities.  Sean states, “this track is geared towards a dance competition and we’re hoping both groups will do some choreographed and freestyle dance videos and post them online.  If we set up some live shows it’ll become a fun part of the performance.”

About the Artist:
Sean XLG is the first rapper to win a national music competition and is the author of the best-selling book Hip Hop Hooray.  DJ Smooth is a “turntablist” and former radio personality.  

About The album:
“Reign Forest” is available on Apple MusicSpotifyAmazon Music, and all other digital music outlets.