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September 01, 2017
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Trinity International University of Ambassadors
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(BPRW) Inspiring Community Leaders Will Receive the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by the 44th President Barack Obama & Honorary Doctoral Degrees from Trinity International University of Ambassadors

Trinity International University of Ambassadors along with Trinity Girls Network Corporation Will Host A Presidential & Honors Luncheon on 2nd of September

(Black PR Wire) Trinity International University of Ambassadors (Trinity IUA) proudly announces that it will award nineteen honorary degrees to the distinguished leaders of the global community. The honorary degrees will be awarded on Saturday,September 2nd, 2017. Community leaders will also be presented with the U.S. President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of their benevolent devotion to others.

Trinity International University of Ambassadors was founded by Ambassador Dr. Jacqueline Mohair who is also the Chancellor of the school. “This school was created to inspire and equip believers with the necessary tools for kingdom ministry,” said Dr. H.T. Mohair, the President of Trinity IUA, while discussing the school. “The school honored renowned Apostle Johnson Suleman from Nigeria on August 21, 2017 and will honor Dr. Raphel Djine, Dr. Soleman Agiri, Dr. Dorothea (Dee) Dawkins-

Haigler, Dr. Nichelle Coleman, Dr. Tommye Young West, Dr. Florence Alexander, Dr. Stanley Alexander, Apostle Dr. Esther Agiri, Dr. Glen Jones, Rev. Dr. Vonshurii S. Wrighten, Dr. Ogheneruemu Agiri, Dr. Akinyemi Richard Adegbayi, Dr. Lorenda Adgdayi, Dr. Nora Craver, Dr. Mike Craver, Dr. Cecelia Dixon, Dr. Patricia Wilson-Smith, Dr. Stephanie D. Barnes and Dr. M. Stanley Butler with an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy and the TIUA Humanitarian Award and we are looking forward to present more awards this Saturday.” he added. The school has also partnered with the Trinity Girls Network to honor community leaders with the lifetime achievement award from the 44th President, Barack Obama.

In addition, the individuals who will receive the TIUA Humanitarian Award include Dr. Marshall Pettway, Dr. Elmore Locke, Ms. Nikki Gribble, Ms. Lauren Smith, Mr. Darryle Richardson, Mr. Albert Mills, Dr. Daisy Jones, Mr. Basil King George Beale, Ms. Sue Hamilton, and Mr. Brain Davis. Moreover, the Mistress of Ceremony for the event is Dr. Sonja Hamm. The event will take place at Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia and will begin at 10:00 AM.

Moreover, the individuals receiving the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award include Dr. Renita Gibbs, Ms. Andrea Sharp, Dr. Kimberley Edwards, Ms. Becky Davis, Dr. Hope Sutton, Mrs. Jejuan D. Stewart, Ms. Lady Camelia Jones, Mr. Eric Merriweather, Mr. Andra Sinett, Dr. Peggy Moore, Dr. Angie Eugene, Dr. Felecia Brown, Ms. Cynthia Harper, Dr. Raphael Djine, Prophetess Stella O. Sam-Ekhator and Rev.

Samuel O. Ekhator. This memorable event will be hosted by Trinity Girls Network Corporation and TIUA.

For ticket purchases and event details, please contact Jada Perteet at: 1-800-400-8257.

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