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June 08, 2018
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(BPRW) Obama Day is Coming, A Day of Optimism


(Black PR Wire) Americans have already begun to observe Obama Day on August 4th, the former president’s birthday. Every year more and more Americans will join in harmony and togetherness as they put political preferences aside to honor our nation’s first black presidency.

 All Americans share a universal desire for their children to be successful. Obama Day founder, James E. Ford, is dedicated to helping the youth of this nation become successful and dignified, just as President Obama demonstrated success and dignity as a role model.

Obama Day is an opportunity for us to direct our youth towards successful goals. Ford believes that If we embrace the legacy of a successful person, our chances of being successful increase greatly.

 Michelle and Barack Obama lived their dream; now their accomplishments can inspire others to live theirs. Not every youth will want to be President, but every youth will want to be successful. As we celebrate Obama Day every year, we will be planting seeds of greatness.

President Obama celebrates his 57th birthday this August 4th. The city of Detroit is planning a special 3-day weekend celebration during that time. Chicago and Atlanta are among other cities that will also participate in Obama Day festivities. Church groups, civic leaders, and community leaders will join in on this day of optimism.


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