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February 02, 2021
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Donat (Dah-Not) Ricketts
Clubhouse: @STVision007
Instagram: @STVision007
Twitter: @STVision007
(646) 580-2684


"We May Have Equality, But To Be Equitable Is A New Narrative" - Donat Ricketts

(Black PR Wire) Donat Ricketts got his start featured in a McDonalds Commercial back in 06' when he was a teenager grinding in New York, New York. He has appeared on national television series: Cold Case (2010); Greek (2011); The Real O’Neals (2016); and Grow-ish (2017). He has appeared in films like Project X (2012); Where Children Play (2015); Viral (2016); and Raise Your Hand (2021). However, Ricketts’ biggest accomplish is his development and execution of Blake’s World (2012-2017), his brainchild. Ricketts’ work premiered at the Chinese Theatre in June 2017, and several film festivals, which included the Hollywood Independent Film Festival, the International Black Film Festival in the UK and the 2018 Cannes Film Festival in France. Ricketts’ intellectual property was then stolen and used to create a television series entitled: All American (2018).

We all have been told, and at times feel, that anything is possible regardless of where you come from. But when life gets in the way of destiny – living your dream - may not always seem within reach. As an actor, Ricketts became more tenacious, although negative experiences, personality clashes, hardship and even the Hollywood system clouded his perception. Since 2013, Ricketts looked in the mirror each day and asked himself, “Are my dreams possible” … Says who? Ricketts strives to embody the ‘Black American Dream’. He believes Show Business is easy, but some people could make your journey difficult, subjective, and personable without regard to authentic creativity and talent.

Top 3 Question(s)

  1. Where Are You From?

I’m from a small town called Lake Placid, FL “below the Mason Dixon Line”. I grew up in a poor black neighbor called “Hush Mouth City”, recently, some YouTuber ranked it amongst the Top 5 most dangerous places in Florida. The source of my creative/economic power is premised on first-hand knowledge, life experiences, critical thinking, and escapism.

  1. What Do You Think About The ‘Black Lives Matter Movement’?

Trayvon Martin is a distant cousin and quite frankly everyone in America has taken a deep interest in modern issues arising from the black community since BLM. Personally, the BLM Movement allowed me to heal, grow and rebuild important relationships. ‘Black Lives Matter 2020’ also convinced me to seek professional help. I found that my lack of interpersonal skills arose from a feeling of worthlessness for being ‘Black American’, misunderstood, and silently suffering from a mental health illness with its’ nucleus premised on the ideology of a “White Problem”. In the end, I had to grow a profound appreciation for my roots. Thus, BLM is great, so long as the narrative is to promote, but-not exploit. 

  1. Biggest Inspiration?

Tyler Perry, Byron Allen and Clarence Avant. These men embody, “Black Wealth” and the ability to travel lightly without rich white people treating them as a threat. For me, its' a gift and a curse to possess creative powers and tenacity derived from trauma and escapism.