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July 10, 2023
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(BPRW) Women Empowering Nations and Cantu Beauty Unite to Illuminate Black Mental Health with “Embrace Your Glow”

(Black PR Wire) Tulsa, OK - Women Empowering Nations (WEN) and Cantu Beauty proudly announce the highly anticipated virtual event, Embrace Your Glow: Living a Soft Life, scheduled for July 29th, 2023, at 11 am EST. This groundbreaking initiative goes beyond surface appearances, focusing on holistic mental wellness and self-care. As July marks Black Mental Health Month, Embrace Your Glow presents a pivotal opportunity to spark meaningful conversations, raise awareness, and provide vital resources to address mental health challenges faced by the Black community on a global scale. 

By leveraging their unwavering commitment to empowering girls and women, WEN and Cantu Beauty have joined forces to create a transformative platform that promotes holistic self-care and nurtures the mental well-being of young women on their leadership journey. A testament to this collaboration's impact is the Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) Global Cohort, which has already positively influenced the lives of 100 girls within its 2022 and 2023 cohorts. Furthermore, the GLOW Global Summit has reached over 5,000 girls in more than 20 countries, equipping them with leadership development training, valuable resources, and a profound sense of inspiration to effect positive change in their personal and professional lives.

The GLOW Global Cohort, spanning multiple countries, has provided 878 hours of training and development to young women worldwide.  As a result, participants have experienced significant positive shifts in various aspects of their career journeys, laying a strong foundation for their future success. 

Notably, the program data highlights the tangible impact of the cohort's focus on providing network opportunities, which are often limited for women of color, especially Black women. At the program's outset, only 13% of participants agreed that they had a robust professional network to support them on their career path. However, through the program, this percentage skyrocketed to 75% of girls agreeing. The GLOW Global Cohort successfully bridges this gap, equipping participants with a valuable support system to navigate and advance in executive leadership.

Reflecting on her experience, Alina Wilson, United States cohort member, shared, "In the cohort, we focused on bringing in the unique aspects of our Blackness and our culture to enhance our leadership, rather than shaping ourselves into a mold. It has been really lovely to get to be part of a cohort of leaders who are committed to being authentic in their leadership and identity."

Embrace Your Glow serves as the culmination of the GLOW Global Cohort as these empowered girls, aged 17-23, step forward to share their personal stories, raise their voices, and empower their peers to prioritize their mental health. On this day, WEN and Cantu Beauty, along with their dedicated partners and participants, will host a global panel of Black women mental health experts who will delve into strategies for holistic care, providing participants with valuable insights and tools for nurturing mental well-being. The event will conclude with an interactive Kemetic yoga session led by Angie Franklin, CEO and Founder of Afro Yoga.

 Leading up to “Embrace Your Glow”, WEN, Cantu Beauty, and GLOW Global cohort members will also host in-person events in major cities worldwide, fostering local conversations about Black mental health and well-being, and building excitement and awareness for the July 29th virtual event.

To join the virtual session on July 29th, individuals can register at, where they can find more information about “Embrace Your Glow”, the GLOW Global Cohort, and the remarkable work of Women Empowering Nations and Cantu Beauty.

 Carlisha Williams Bradley, founder of WEN, stated, "We believe in promoting and cultivating holistic care for the next generation of executive leaders through our personal and professional development programming. Mental well-being is an essential element on this journey."

Looking to the future, Women Empowering Nations is committed to expanding its global reach and impact, fostering community engagement and connections through scaling its programs. They invite individuals, organizations, and communities to join them on this transformative journey, creating a world where Black mental health is valued, celebrated, and nurtured. Together, let's celebrate the power and beauty of the soft life and empower young Black women to embrace their unique glow.


About Women Empowering Nations (WEN):

Women Empowering Nations is a global organization dedicated to empowering women and girls worldwide through education, mentorship, and community-based initiatives. WEN provides resources and platforms for women to develop their leadership skills, build networks, and create positive change within their communities.

About Cantu Beauty:

Cantu Beauty is a leading multicultural hair-care brand that celebrates natural hair and advocates for self-expression, individuality, and confidence. With a range of innovative and nourishing products, Cantu Beauty is committed to empowering women of all backgrounds to embrace their unique beauty.

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