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May 24, 2016 103
(BPRW) Florida Memorial University Opens State of the Art Multi-Purpose Arena & Wellness Education Center
May 24, 2016 71
May 23, 2016 415
(BPRW) Healthy Hair is the Truth! My Black is Beautiful Partners with Felicia Leatherwood to Launch #hairtruth Campaign
May 18, 2016   1679
(BPRW) ASPiRE to Premiere All-New Series “Comic Edge” Sketches, Stand-Up and Improv…Hilarity Ensues
May 16, 2016 1828
(BPRW) FDOT’s “Drive It Home” team to attend the 24th Annual North American Waste-To-Energy Conference
May 12, 2016 2936
(BPRW) FDOT’s Roadside Litter Prevention Education Media Campaign Making Great Strides Statewide
May 11, 2016 2988
(BPRW) FDOT’s Drive It Home Trash Off Greek & Club Recycling Challenge Video Recap Now Available
May 09, 2016 3448
(BPRW) Howard University, South Carolina State University and Lane College Announced as the Top Winners of The Home Depot 2016 Retool Your School Campus Improvement Grant Program
May 05, 2016 4295
(BPRW) Maryland’s Largest Historically Black College Named a National Treasure
May 02, 2016 4901
(BPRW) Register NOW for the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey
Risa Lavizzo-Mourey is president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a position she has held since 2003. With more than 30 years of personal experience as a medical practitioner, policymaker, professor, and nonprofit executive, Lavizzo-Mourey combines the scientific and ethical values... [more]

The HookUp

Let’s make this crystal clear: mothers are gems that shine brightly every year. Each Mother’s Day, we acknowledge and celebrate our mothers for their love, dedication, good advice and unwavering support. It is our special time to express our love and appreciation to one of the most valuable gems that we will ever be blessed to receive during our lifetime. . [more]

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