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October 05, 2015   342
(BPRW) Howard and Georgetown Awarded $27 million from NIH
October 01, 2015   1314
(BPRW) Prudential supports local financial empowerment initiative
September 28, 2015   1843
(BPRW) Central State University Receives Nearly $600,000 to Create an Ag-STEM Institute
September 25, 2015   2759
(BPRW) American Heart Association and Delta Sigma Theta forge national partnership to transform health outcomes in local communities
September 22, 2015 3440
(BPRW) Inaugural FREE Heart Fair to Take Place on World Heart Day September 29th at Miami Dade College North Campus
September 21, 2015   3721
(BPRW) Wells Fargo Fuels Diverse Chamber Leader Training, Programs with $1.2M Investment
September 18, 2015   4803
(BPRW) FAMU’s School of Nursing Listed Among Nation’s Top Programs
September 16, 2015 4659
(BPRW) Sherry Moses’ New EP, Standing On Victory, Drops September 29th
September 14, 2015 5172
(BPRW) Inspirational and Educational documentary film ROSENWALD featuring civil rights leader, Julian Bond to open in Florida markets October 2nd, 2015
September 10, 2015 6206
(BPRW) Launches “The Ultimate Selfie” Student Program to Help Educators Connect Black Identity to Excellence and Achievement
Debra L. Lee
Debra L. Lee is Chairman and CEO of BET Holdings, Inc. (BET), a media and entertainment company targeted to African Americans. Lee is the highest ranking African-American woman at BET’s parent company, Viacom, Inc. Prior to her appointment as COO in March 1996, Lee served as the network’s... [more]

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Carnival is a colorful celebration of heritage and cultural diversity. It is the bold costumes and rhythmic sounds that set the tone for this festive celebration. Traditionally celebrated before the Christian season of Lent, Carnival festivals can be found taking place around the world, typically involving a public celebration and/or parade. [more]

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