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December 21, 2014   81
(BPRW) SBA Launches 2015 Emerging Leaders Initiative
December 19, 2014 148
(BPRW) Through The Media Lens: Covering Race and Police Brutality
December 17, 2014 200
(BPRW)Jessie Trice Community Health Center to Host the 11th Annual Santa’s Workshop on December 19th
December 16, 2014 195
(BPRW) Jessie Trice, A Beacon of Hope for the Miami-Dade Community
December 14, 2014 201
December 11, 2014 236
(BPRW) City of Miami Gardens Award-Winning Science and Engineering Fair
December 11, 2014 214
(BPRW) Bino and Fino: New Cartoon adds diversity to the world of animation
December 09, 2014 340
(BPRW) Sunday, Black Lives Matter Campaign Launches Next Steps!
December 09, 2014   220
(BPRW) Eisenhower National Memorial Launches LITTLE ROCK and WEST POINT Films
December 09, 2014   174
(BPRW) MODERN HARTS | LOVE MATTERS™ To Debut “AU COURANT”, New Luxury Unisex Apparel CollectionAt The Tastemakers Gala
Benjamin Chavis
Dr. Benjamin Franklin Chavis, Jr. is a civil rights leader born in Oxford, North Carolina. In his youth, Dr. Chavis was an assistant to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who inspired him to work in the civil rights movement.

At the age of 24, Dr. Chavis rose to international prominence... [more]

The HookUp

As Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is commemorated throughout the nation, it is natural to take a moment to reflect on what his presence in the world has meant. [more]


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