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September 02, 2015   405
(BPRW) Charles D. King’s Media Holding Company MACRO Announces Initial Partners
September 02, 2015   425
(BPRW) Thurgood Marshall College Fund Launches Apple HBCU Scholars Program to Create Diverse Talent Pipeline
September 01, 2015 715
(BPRW) Global Summit to Address Root Causes of the Attack on Black Lives
August 31, 2015   1021
August 29, 2015   1557
(BPRW) Florida CFO Jeff Atwater Advises Floridians to Prepare for the Arrival of Tropical Storm Erika
August 27, 2015 1967
(BPRW) Renowned Gospel Artist Sherry Moses to Release Debut EP, entitled “Standing On Victory” this Fall
August 26, 2015 2178
(BPRW) The Memorial Foundation Launches Campaign To Honor The Legacy Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And His Inspiring, Landmark Speech; I Have A Dream
August 25, 2015   2371
(BPRW) Last call for early submissions of the 2016 Black Resource Directory
August 24, 2015 2797
(BPRW) Corporate Donations Make Florida Memorial University’s “Black Male College Explorers Program” A Huge Success
August 24, 2015 2739
(BPRW) Florida Memorial University Announces New Vice President For University Advancement
Dr. Venus Opal Reese
Inspirational Speaker, Business Mentor for Black Women, and Marketing Strategist, Dr. Venus Opal Reese has consulted for O Magazine and has been featured in Forbes, Ebony’s annual Wealth Issue, on ABC News, CBS News, PBS, in Glamour magazine, Diversity Inc., the Associated Press, and on the Tom... [more]

The HookUp

Talent comes in many forms and renowned gospel artist Sherry Moses has been blessed with a double dose of it. Moses is an ambassador for the Kingdom of God, serving as both a ministry leader and recording artist. Minister Moses will soon release her debut EP entitled “Standing On Victory,” and is on a mission to spread both the WORD and the good news. [more]

Black Resource Directory

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09/19/2015 International Black Women’s Congress Conference
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